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Introduction Observing the Earth
from the space
Technical appendix
"Background on radar"
The previous
Technical appendix
"History of  SRTM mission"
Images from the previous mission Images collection
The SRTM mission 1. Study of marine and atmospheric events in the Mediterranean Sea using SAR
2. Interferometry
3. Calibration in real conditions in reference to calibrator location
4. Solid Earth Applications
5. Spatial coherence in backscattering radar from natural surface
6. Influence of Topography on Vegetation Index of Forested Ecosystem
7. Use of SAR data for the evaluation of vegetation roughness: application to hydrological and meteorological modelling
The italian experiments
Technical appendix 1. Experiment overview
2. History of SRTM mission
3. Background on radars
4. Description of configuration of radars mounted on board the Shuttle
5. Imaging processing and distribution
6. Acronyms and abbreviations
The present mission Information on the
present mission
1. Day by day radar swaths
2. The Space Shuttle in this moment
Images from the mission Images
Animation and movies
Further information

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