January 31st, 2000

9 minutes before the launch, the countdown has been stopped, and the lift-off, scheduled on 31st January at 18:47 (italian local time), has been shifted on 1st February at 18:44 (italian local time).
Despite of a 2 hours launch window, weather conditions have not allowed the lift-off, when the astronauts were already in the Space Shuttle.

February 1st, 2000

NASA has decided to delay the start of the SRTM mission.
There has been a problem with a computer and it will take not less than a week to repair it.
In any case the scientific part will be worned about any news.

February 3rd, 2000

NASA has communicated the new launch date of STS-99: 11th February 2000, 12:28pm EST (18:28 italian local time), again with the NET sign (Not Earlier Than).
The italian scientists involved in the mission will be directly informed on variations of interest sites passing time.