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Workshop on
SRL’s Missions Science Meeting:What’s next ?
Florence, 17th-19th September 2001
Convitto della Calza

What’s next?
The Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM), successfully carried out during February 2000, as completed a cycle on Earth remote sensing, cycle started in 1994 with SRL-1 and SRL-2 missions.
From these missions a huge amount of data is now available, and such data can be very precious for scientific community. Aim of the workshop is to allow research groups to illustrate their research activities, actual and possible use of SRL-1/SRL-2/SRTM data, and to highlight equirements of scientific community.

Steering Committee
• P. Ammendola (ASI)
• M. Calamia (Università di Firenze)
• C. Elachi (JPL-NASA)
• D. Evans (JPL-NASA)
• G. Franceschetti (Università di Napoli “Federico II”, UCLA)
• M. Kobrick (JPL-NASA)
• C. Schmullius (DLR)
• M. Werner (DLR)

Local committee
• M. Biagiotti (Università di Firenze)
• F. De Vita (Università di Firenze)
• P. De Vita (Università di Firenze)
• P. Focardi (Università di Firenze)
• A. Freni (Università di Firenze)
• M. Giannini (Università di Firenze)
• A. Mori (Università di Firenze)



Presentation of the Workshop
“Italian scientific activities in SRTM Mission”

Monday, 17th September


11,00 - 13,00 Registration


13,00 Lunch


14,30 Opening Ceremony

Invited Paper
Potential Future ASI/NASA Collaborations in Earth Science
D. Evans

15,00 Session I – Overview on SRTM Mission
                             Chairman: C. Schmullius

1.The Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
 M. Kobrick, T. Farr

2. "What is next in Earth Observation. COSMO-SkyMed Mission"
P. Ammendola

16,30 Coffee Break

3.The X-SAR/SRTM Project Calibration Phase
M. Werner, M. Eineder
4.The SRTM Project and beyond: The German Radar Programme
R. Werninghaus

Tuesday 18th September 2001


9,00 Session II – SAR Models Calibration and Validation
                              Chairman: D. Evans

1. “Real Time processing of SRTM data by an innovative processor
G. Franceschetti
2.A Raw Signal Simulator for Stripmap, Spotlight and Hybrid Mode Interferometric SAR on Spaceborne Platform
A. Mori, F. De Vita
3.An electromagnetic model for SAR Remote Sensing of urban Areas
G. Franceschetti, A. Iodice, D. Riccio, G. Ruello
4.A coherent scattering model for interpreting INSAR Data of Crops and Forests
P. Pampaloni , G. Macelloni, F. Marliani S. Paloscia and P. Poggi

10,30 Coffee Break

Session III – SAR Data Analysis
                        Chairman: M. Werner

1. “I-PAF SRTM X-SAR Processing Chain: Algorithmic description and analysis of first result
P. Ammendola, E. Lopinto, C. Marzo, G. Milillo, G. Riccobono, G.R. Verdone, R. Viggiano

2.SAR data Analysis: An Useful Tool for Urban Areas Applications
M.Ferri, A. Fanelli, A. Siciliano, A. Vitale

3.Interferometric SAR Space Varying filtering applied to the SRL Data
G. Fornaro, A. Monti Guarnieri, F. Rocca

4.DEM automatic generation at I-PAF with X-band of SRTM Mission: System Description and Validation
P. Ammendola, E. Lopinto, C. Marzo, G. Milillo, G. Riccobono, A.Giancaspro, R. Viggiano

12,30 Lunch


14,30 Session IV – Application
            Chairman: M. Kobrick - P. Ammendola

1.A preliminary comparison of interferometric X-SAR/SRTM and ERS-Tandem Elevation Models: geostatistical description and derivation of hydrological parameters
K. Frotscher, C. Schmullius

2. Use of SAR data and SA- derived products in Hydrological modelling
I.Becchi, F. Caparrini, E.Caporali

3.High Resolution Digital Elevation Models for Hydrological Applications in Africa
V. Hochschild


4. “Influence of Topography on TM Data and Vegetation Index of Deciduous Forests
M. Vincini, D. Reeder, E. Frazzi

5. “ SRTM topography of Kachchh, India: Applications to the 26 January 2001 Earthquake Geomorphology and Co-seismic Strain
E. J. Fielding, R. Bilham, F. Rogez, S. Hensley , P. A. Rosen, K. Mueller


6.Crustal Deformation of the Altyn Tagh Fault System, Western China from SRL-1/2 and SRTM Data
C. Wang, H. Zhang, G. Yin, G. Peltzer


17,00 Coffee Break


Session V– Poster Session

1. “Marine and atmospheric processes on the Mediterranean Sea studied by SAR
B.Fiscella, P.Pavese, P.Trivero, S.Zecchetto

2. “Structural and floristic characterisation of a beech forest in Northern Apennines for remotely sensed data analysis
G. Fricano, C. Corti, E. Puglisi, M. Vincini, A. Marocco

3. “Surface Runoff And erosion assessment using digital elevation map
and gleams coupled with GIS

L. Padovani, M. Trevisan, M. Vincini, E. Capri


4. “Estimating land features in semi-arid regions from multi-temporal SAR data
M. Bianchini, S. Paloscia, G. Macelloni, P. Pampaloni, E. Santi, N. Aqid, D. Ouazar M. Zribi

[Posters will be arranged from Monday to Wednesday. During the poster session the authors will be present to illustrate their works.]

20,00 Gala Dinner

Wednesday 19th September 2001

9,00 Round Table

Earth Observation from Space : What's next?
Chairman: G. Franceschetti

At the round table will participate members of public Institutions and industries involved in Space Application. The aim is to draw some useful indication to submit to government Institutions.

Coffee Break

12,00 Departure for a round trip near Florence (with lunch)