For several years, the Italian Space Agency (ASI) has been involved in promoting and financing scientific experiments in space, including two previous SIR-C/X-SAR missions (also for the SRTM project). ASI has provided indispensable contributions and collaboration which allowed the Italian scientific community to take part in this important Earth observation mission.
Therefore, ASI has financed seven research projects, spread on all the Italian territory, which will elaborate and analyze data provided by STS-99 during and after the mission.
MECSA is a university consortium involved in several national and international scientific activities regarding Earth observation, in particular from space. The SRTM mission plays the important role of coordinating scientific activities of these research projects financed by ASI.
ASI and MECSA developed these web pages to allow the public to better understand the space shuttle missions, the SRTM objectives and in particular, the Italian projects.

Courtesy of NASA/JPL

Dr. Paolo Ammendola, ASI responsible for SRTM project
Prof. Mario Calamia,   ASI scientific responsible for SRTM project

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